杉江画廊 展覧会情報

“The POP”
2017.5.29(月)~6.30(金) (土・日・祝・休)

この度、杉江画廊では“The POP”展を開催致します。
“ポップな音楽、ポッフな絵画、ポッフな洋服 … ”などとよく耳にしますが、その《ポップな》という言葉にはどのような感覚が含まれているのでしょうか。




Sugie Gallery will hold "The POP" exhibition.
“Pop music, pop paintings, pop clothes …” we often hear it,
What kind of feeling is included in the word "POP"?
Surely "trendy, fashionable, modern, cool, colorful" etc.
I think it is a sense of "being modern and stylish."

The so-called "pop art" comes from "popular art"
It occurred in England and the United States in the late 1950s.
It has been born as a new expression that took up materials of everyday life such as
"magazines and advertisements, photographs and cartoons" in mass production, mass consumption society.

I hope that you enjoy the charm of traditional "pop art"
And also rediscover "pop expressions" in modern times.
Please enjoy the "The Pop World" that crosses time and space.

★Exhibited works
"Andy · Warhol" attracted the world as a representative of pop art
"Keith Haring” is a pioneer of street art that fascinates with rhythmic lines and colors"
"Yayoi Kusama" is active in a variety of art fields as a queen of avant-garde
"AY-O" joins Fluxus and works internationally as a "rainbow artist"
"Tomoo Gokita" is a young creator expressing in black and white color and modeling
"Nakamura Masayoshi" showed outstanding talent as a pioneer of Japanese painting