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Yayoi Kusama & New York Art Scene
草間彌生 & ニューヨーク・アートシーン
ー プリント作品を中心に ー
2017.3.6(月)~4.28(金) (日・祝・休)
10:00am~18:00pm(月〜金) 13:00pm〜18:00pm(土)

杉江画廊では2017年3月6日より「草間彌生 & ニューヨーク・アートシーン」を開催いたします。


草間に触発されながらミニマル・アートの旗手として活躍した「フランク・ステラ」や 「ドナルド・ジャッド」、二人は草間の作品を評価し自前で購入していたそうです。


Sugie Gallery will hold an exhibition of “Yayoi Kusama & New York Art Scene.”

Kusama went to the United States in 1957 and continued her work mainly in New York for about 16 years until 1973.
At that time New York was an era of Pollock's abstract expressionism, Kusama aimed at the direction of a new art and devoted herself to production.
And she reached outstanding reputation with the first masterpiece "Infinity Net".
Even after that, she actively developed creative works such as painting, sculpture, installation, and videos. Large-scale exhibitions were held throughout the world including Europe, the Americas, Latin America and Asia.
Last year she received an Order of Culture in Japan.
She was also selected as Time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world".
Currently "Yayoi Kusama Exhibition" is held at the National Art Center Tokyo.
Now we do not know that the evaluation of "Kusama art" will stay.

We will also focus on artists in New York who were deeply related to Kusama.
Frank Stella and Donald Judd who were active as representatives of minimal art were inspired by Kusama. They evaluated her work and purchased it on their own.
Andy Warhol reigning as the champion of pop art was a good rival of "Kusama".
Joseph Cornell poured over flowing love into Kusama and became a mutually respectful couple.
In New York, Kusama ran in the top group by fellowship with outstanding artists.

We hope you enjoy the exciting and challenging harmony of "Kuama's talent" and "artists who appear in the cypress stage in New York".